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    DX79SI & 8GB x 8 mem


      Anybody tried G-Skills F3-12800CL10Q2-64GBZL 8GB x 8 in a DX79SI board yet ?


      It's not on G-Skills or Intels "compatibility" lists.

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          The memory compatibility is determined by the processor model number as this would be the system component having the memory controller.  In your case, the compatibility is dependent on the  Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Processor or the Intel® Core™ i7-3960X Processor Extreme Edition which are the only 2 compatible processors.


          Both processors support memory running at 1066MHz with a 1.5V. Please confirm this information at the processors’ datasheets, page 11 under “System Memory Support”: http://www.intel.com/content/dam/doc/datasheet/core-i7-lga-2011-datasheet-vol-1.pdf

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            I read that data sheet along with every other data sheet, review, and forum, & test that I could find on the i7-3930K and the DX79SI.  What page 11 says is that ONLY up to 4gb modules are supported.


            But I assumed that since intel advertizes the DX79SI as "supports 64GB of DDR3" and the 3930K & 3960X are the ONLY processors that work w/ it, that the data sheets had not been updated.  If it only supports 4gb x 8 (32gb) per pg 11, then let's change the specs so we aren't misleading people.


            I'll have my answers soon.  DX79SI, I7-3930K, 8GB x 8 G-Skill F3-12800CL12800CL0Q2-64GBZL (w/ 32- 48GB set up as a RamDrive), Intel 510 Series 120GB SSD, & Intel MegaRaid RTWB080 (will be driving 8-Samsung 1TB HD103SJ's in a Raid 5 array taken from my current 3yr old DFI LT X48-T2R).  These parts arrive today, so I'll be the guinea pig.

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              Hello qwtlnw,


              Did you make progress with your 8 x 8GB project? Please share your experiences since I am interested in a similar build.





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                Be glad to.  Probably be late this evening before I get the 1st boot w/ the OS installed( Win7 Pro 64 bit). Been busy moving almost 5TB of data from the raid 5 in this computer to a bunch of old individual HD's.  It's been moving files for about 8 hours and still showing about 2 hours to go. Then I will move this MB, mem, and the 2-300GB 10K megaraptors (raid 1-mirrored w/ Win7 Pro 64 bit) into another case. Everything new and old is on water so it's a slow process. This old x48 system will be my backup computer replaceing my existing P38/Core 2 Duo backup system. Been an incredibly reliable system. Been running 24/7 for over 3 years and only hickup was 1 failed HD in the raid 5 array.


                Did spend a lot of time yesterday w/ the Intel RT3WB080 Raid controller. Installed it in this computer, updated the bios, hooked up 8 HD's of various Mfg's & sizes (had to use a spare power supply, not enough leads in the existing), installed the Web Console 2, and it recognized all 8 drives. Didn't install the Raid Bios Console Utility because that's an F6 type install and I didn't want to go thru the hassle.  But you can see the controller in the boot bios so I don't think there is going to be any compatibllity issues with that part of this build.

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                  Finally got around to assembling it yesterday, loaded Win7 64 last night and played w/ it a little bit.  I can tell you this, it DOES recognize all 64GB of memory and its running at 10-10-10-30 2T 1600 @ 1.5V.  Didn't play w/ timings at all. Quick OC of the 3930K got me 4.6 @ 1.4v. Max temp was 46C on both the CPU & PWM.  I'm building the 8 x 1TB raid 5 array now (6.360TB usable). Took hours of reading and searching the web to figure out how to use Intels Raid Bios Console. It's definitely not intuitive.  4% initated now so it'll be another 4-5 hours before I can get back in the OS. (and that's using "Fast Initialize"). Take me the rest of day to clean up Win7 to make it "workable", load a lot of programs before I get to some serious tuning. Also running 2-6870's in x-fire @ 1075/1260 1.375V. (these were in my old x-48 board). It's been 3 years since I've built one of these things, and regardless of what the "Pro" reviewers say, this is one hell of a board w/ a LOT of potential. I chose it because it didn't have all the unused "fluff" of the other boards. I'll get screen shots and photo's and the complete build info posted somewhere and send you a link. This is 24/7 build like my last one so it has to be reliable. A lot of water on everything and over 1,000CFM of fans on reo's. You'll see what I mean. I hate heat. Never saw any component over 50C on my old board, and trying for that here.

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                    Thanks for that, please do keep posting your progress.


                    Hope your RAID sub-system works out. I am trying to get 1000 MB/sec out of LSI 9260-8i and 4 x Crucial M4 512GB SSDs in RAID-0 hooked upto a DX58SO2 mainboard, but only reach about 700 MB/sec for the moment. Therefore looking perhaps to move to the DX79SI with 64GB RAM, where a part of the RAM is "mirrored" to a SSD by software such as FancyCache or Supercache etc. Incidently I have good results with the 9260-8i and 3 x WD 2TB RE4 WD2003FYYS HDDs in RAID-0; about 450 MB/sec sustained read or writes.


                    Btw, which CPU, case and power supply are you using?

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                      The build can be found here. It's actually the 1st 2 posts because 5 pictures didn't post in the original thread starter.



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                        Excellent write-up! Thanks for that.


                        I am a bit confused about how the i7-39xx processor addresses 64GB RAM. The Intel specs clearly state a maximum of 32GB memory. Didn't (yet) stumble on a good explaination via google either.


                        Take care. 

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                          There is news for the INTEL 3930K Prozessor. Intel stated 64 GB RAM now on the specification.