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    Possible IMC Issue - W3520 - Time To RMA?


      Ok , I figured I'd put my first post here as I am about to RMA my cpu. Here is my current system:


      Case - Antec 900 w/3120mm and a 200mm fan

      Corsair H650w Power Supply

      Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 Triple Channel @ 1600Mhz

      eVGA E760 Classified

      Xeon W3520

      eVGA GTX295

      WD 80Gb Velociraptor for the OS(Win7 Ultimate)

      WD Black 1Tb for storage


      Voltages are stock except for the ram which is manually set to 1.65v. No overclocks.


      I seem to have missing ram on cold boot - ie.- shows 4Gb on cold boot. Shut down completely and restart. Now will show 6Gb. If the PC is warm , I can restart as many times as I want and show all of my ram. Here's what I have tried ti eliminate other hardware. To start with I was using a FoxConn Bloodrage mother board so I will relate how I was testing at that time. First thing I did was test the ram with the latest Memtest86. The Bloodrage only has 3 ram slots. I tested each stick in each slot for 50 passes(about 18 hrs) of Memtest. All passed with flying colors. I then tested with all of the slots populated for another 50 passes. Not once did I get an error. I then tried Prime95 with large FFTs for about 18hrs - no errors. I tried IPDT - Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool. It didn't find anything either. I have also tried 3 different heatsinks to get rid of the "could be too much cpu pressure" idea. I even tried tweaking the voltages - didn't change anything. Finally I decided that it must be the board. I purchased the Classified motherboard about 5 days ago. Got it installed and lucky me - same problem.


      So , here I am. What's the consensus? Chip or ram next? Both have warranties yet. The chip has 5 months left and the ram is lifetime.