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    DP67BG - No Sound


      After installing a new DP67BG motherboard, I can't get any sound.

      I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate (with SP1).

      In the Realtek Audio Manager, the rear panel jacks are 'greyed out' and not selectable. The speakers connected are not recognised. The front panel jacks are selectable, but I don't have any front jacks connected!

      I've tried and versions of the Realtek driver from Intel. And version from Realtek.

      When playing a sound file, the Windows volume control shows the sound level is there, but there's nothing from the speakers.

      The speakers are good and work fine on another PC.

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          Win7u has built in drivers, fyi so it should work without any additional drivers.

          Make sure you have sound enabled in bios.

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            Hi mackembazza!


            I have the same board and win7 pro installed.


            Look at "start"--> systemcontrol-->audio and sound-device-control and look there wich output-device is the default. After installation the default device is the optical-output-source configured. You must deactivate this feature and set the analog-realtek-output as default-output-device. Then you can configure it to 5.1 or 7.1-surround sound. Connect the speakers.




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              Elemental1 -

              I tried the Windows drivers before installing the Intel/Realtek ones but there was still no output to speakers.

              Sound is enabled in BIOS.

              (There's also an option in BIOS to disable front jacks - I tried with sound enabled, but front jacks disabled but then Realtek Audio Manager does not show front or rear jacks, only digital output.)


              meinertreu74 -

              Speakers are set as default and green bars show sound level when playing an audio file, but there's no output to speakers.

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                I think meinertreu74 has hit the nail on the head and it's just a configuration issue within the Realtek software. Unfortunately the only PC I own with Realtek audio is very old (I prefer the IDT Intel HD Audio Codec on more modern boards) so I can't fiddle around with my board to see all the options.


                How many speakers do you have and are they regular analog amplified speakers or perhaps Dolby Digital capable surround sound speakers? Which colour jack(s) on the back of the motherboard have you plugged them into. If they are battery powered have you double checked they're switched on and that the batteries aren't flat - try new ones if possible.


                Have you tried running the Intel Audio troubleshooting Wizard and read what's on that page?

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                  Re-Hi !


                  I tell you short ,how i have done on my DP67BG mobo with win 7 pro 64bit OS.

                  After Win 7 installation was completed, i installed at first the chipset-device-software (newest at this time) from intel ---> restart the pc. Next i installed the graphic-driver for NV GF gtx470 ---> restart. Next MEI (management engine interface-driver), LAN-driver and at least Realtek-sound-software all from Intel driver  download website apropos of my dp67bg. After installing realtek-sound-software (realtek hd audio manager+ driver) is also restart required that i have done.Before you install realtek, In the Bios is onboard-audio= enabled and frontpanel-audio=auto. Then i started the audio-and sound-control in the controlpanel and configure it to 5.1 and looks for the default device, at me it was the optical-output as default, i deactivated them. I have seen three output-devices in the output-section, the one was the output from my tv-card. The third device shown as "loudspeaker-Realtek High Definition Audio" and this i set to default output-device.


                  My Soundsystem have the following components: One set (two) 3-way boxes for stereo, One Set (two) boxes as subwoofer and One Set (two) boxes with integrated amplifiers <--- this two boxes are not connected, only the two 3-way's and the two subwoofers are connected, two amplifiers for analog-signal, two 3,5mm jacks/RCA to cinch-cable. I have 5 jacks exclude the optical-output. The 3-way-system is connected to the green back-panel-jack for front-speaker on 5.1-surround-config and the subwoofers are connected on the orange-jack near the black-jack. The other jacks are "off".


                  I hope that helps