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    12v on my 5v atx voltages?


      hello! my computer started shutting down by itself recenty. i tried to find out what was wrong and i figured it might be the power supply because i just installed a new fsp hexa 500w psu. i used a program that monitors harware voltages and temps to see if there were any weird things going on and this i what i got.


      as you can see, instead of 5v in the row for the atx +5 voltages im getting close to 12v. is this supposed to happen? Also, i had 3 hard drives installed when my computer started shutting down by itself. i took one out and it stopped shutting down by itself. this problem however of the 12v instead of 5v is bothering me. is this normal for my motherboard? or is something wrong with the power supply? i put the connectors right where the intel quick start poster said they should be. any thoughts on this would be greatle appreciated.