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    Intel hm65 chipset b2 bug


      Hi everyone;
      I am Turkey from google translate so I turn my    ım,sorry


      hm65 chipset in my laptop there, but the cpu-z: I wonder rev.02 writes incorrect chipset?


      Thank you.Good Day

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          Please keep  in mind that for the operating system and other software  installed, the  architecture of the platform used, in other words, the  hardware,  remains the same. Sine there has been only a minor change in the  stepping of  the chipset to reflect the adjustment that has been done to  correct this  issue, and for this reason, the software may not detect  the chipset as  the same one that had the SATA issue.


          So, we suggets you to check directly with your  computer manufacturer. It is your computer manufacturer the only one  that knows what is installed on your system or not.

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            do not feel bad, GPU-Z cannot recognize my netbook graphics much either


            my netbook has the 3150, whatever Intel provides for netbook vendors