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    DP67BG Won't POST?


      Hey all,


      Just go the Intel Holiday deal here are my specs of the system


      Intel DP67BG

      Intel I7 2600k

      Corsair TX850M PSU

      Corsair Vengence 8gb DDR3 2x4gb

      MSI N260GTX 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card

      and a couple different hdds in there.


      Heres my issue; I already started with a ThermalPower 600W PSU, popped that into my system, connected everything up, and powered it up.

      -Everything lit up

      -GPU fan not spinning (or displaying anything)

      -Skull lit up red eyes,

      -no POST sequence lights or numeric display shows up

      -just sits there doing nothing.



      So my first thought was, crap! Not enough power for this new beast! So I got the new PSU listed above, poped it in, same thing as before.


      So now I am getting confused. I popped my GPU back into my old setup, and it ran like a charm.. ok wtf? I popped my brothers new 550TI in the intel board, and it ran, ok wtf? But then, i notice it STILL didnt post! So now I am really confused.


      I have tried playing with the jumper, the cmos, different fans, different hdd's/ssd's, everything that was availiable to me at the Geek Squad, and still nothing.


      I am at on my last strings and have no other ideas, so here I am reaching out for help.


      Anyone have any idea??


      Thank you.



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          I recommend testing the system out of the chassis on top of a non-conductive surface; this could be a wooden table or a newspaper. Also while you are taking the motherboard out of the chassis, you can clear the cmos by removing the power cables from the motherboard ( 2x12 and 2x2) and the  cmos battery for an hour. Once you have the motherboard out of the chassis and cleared the cmos, we need to test the motherboard on a basic configuration, this means have the system as basic as we can. Have only the power supply and the processor with its Heat Sink. We won't need memory or any other device as we are seeking for 3 long beep tones. If you receive the beep tones, then turn off the computer and test with one memory stick and the monitor connected.


          Make sure that the RAM memory that you are using is compliant with the processor requirements, the memory should be natively 1333MHz at 1.5v latency 9, the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) settings need to meet those specifications in order to be able to boot.



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            I have tried most of that with the geek squad but not personally, so I shall try it personally tomorrow, thank you for being the 1% to respond with any idea.

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              After testing this, I still get the same result, absolutly no POST at all.