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    My WiFi app sharing internet with other device. Issue. WiFi Router (DHCP)- Internet connection (PPoE)


      Hi there!


      My issue as follows: I can't share my  internet connection with other devices through Intel My WiFi technology  application. When my device is connect to the laptop, and I try to share  internet with it, despite of Internet connection is present, I have  this message   .

      I  have an connection to our university campus network through WiFi  router. Here we use special internet cards that have login and password  on it, so the map of internet connection as follows WiFi Router  (DHCP)-Internet(PPoE)  .  I suppose, that the reason why I can't share the Internet through "My  WiFi" application is that there is no direct connection to the Internet.


      So  the question is how I can solve this issue and make it possible to  share internet with other devices through My WiFi technology?

      P.S.: It looks that it does not related to which profile I use