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    Intel DX38BT Overclocking


      Hey guys, I have the above board (Intel DX38BT) and I am having some overclocking issues.


      I can overclock my Q9400 from 2.66GHz up to 3GHz but any higher and it won't boot. I can raise the voltage up to 1.3v and lower the RAM timings and overall RAM speed and can get it up to 3.6GHz but after a while (about 10 mins) it will crash and then won't boot unless i drop it back to anything under 3GHz... The highest I have raised the voltage on the CPU is to 1.31v and don't want to go any higher as i'm afraid I will damage my CPU.


      My specs:

      Intel C2Q Q9400 @ 3Ghz / Corsair H50 / WC'ed HIS HD6970 (EK6970+EN) / Intel DX38BT / Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 / Thermaltake Element G / Thermaltake LP 700W / 1x250GB and 1x2TB


      It is really frustrating when I want more from my CPU and want to stay with Intel hardware (ie motherboard and CPU)


      Thanks in advance


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          Hi, I've been using this board for about 5 years now with my Q6600 G0 2.4ghz @ 3.6ghz 1600mhz fsb. 4gb (2x2) OCZ DDR3 (ocz3x16004gk) @ 1600mhz. I think it's a great board but takes alot of patients.

          there's some tricks to get this board to boot when making changes this drastic. I've spent countless hours of trial and error and running Prime95 to get it stable. I don't have any experience with your CPU but I know the trick to getting this board to overclock to the specs that I have you need good quality ram. I went through 3 different sets of ram and alot of research before I figured this out. Are you sure you are using 2 sticks of ram @ 4gb each? I did not know this board supported ram with that large of capacity for each stick. That could be an issue I don't know. Anyways my ram supports XMP profiles. I set the ram to XMP profile 1 in bios and then bump the voltage up from 1.9v to 1.98v. The following are the settings I use for my CPU:


          CPU Voltage= 1.45v

          Enhanced Powerslope= Enabled

          FSB= 1.275v

          MCH/ICH= 1.325v

          Multiplier= 9

          Clock Frequency= 400

          Turn OFF Failsafe Watchdog (this could be why no boot)


          In the main menu of bios your cpu override should be at 1600mhz and memory override should be at 1600mhz.

          save changes and exit.

          Your computer will shut off then turn on and might just hang there and not boot. If this happens I do what I call a jump start and turn my power supply switch off at the back then wait about 3 to 5 seconds and switch it back on. The computer will then start back up and boot. It may even shut off after a few seconds and then turn back on on its own and boot. After you get it to boot you wont have to go through that routine again when you shut it off and turn it back on later unless you make other changes in your bios. This is a good starting point. will probably have to make little tweeks here and there to get it stable with your hardware. Oh, one last thing, make sure you have latest bios update. VERY IMPORTANT. I'm currently playing Crysis2 with directx 11 Ultra upgrade and High Res.Texture packs with everything on ultra settings and not going over 60% CPU usage. Plays smooth as butter. I get a kick out of all these people spending tons of money on new systems when there's really no reason to yet especially if you just play games. Let me know if you need anymore help.


          My System:


          Intel DX38BT

          Q6600 G0 @ 3.6ghz 1600mhz fsb

          Swiftech GTZ watercooled

          4gb OCZ DDR3 (ocz3x16004gk) @ 1600mhz

          2 MSI Afterburner Reference HD6950's w/unlocked shaders

          Ultra X3 1000w psu

          Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit

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            Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have turned on enhanced powerslope, turned off failsafe watchdog and upped the voltage to 1.31v and am sitting on 3.2GHz atm. I'll try to overclock a bit more tonight.


            CPUz still says that the CPU is only getting 1.288v's


            Thanks again and you'll hear from me soon

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              cpuz is only showing 1.313v for me and I have it set @ 1.475v in bios. A while back I researched this issue but didn't come up with any definative answers. I don't worry too much about it though since my system is stable. I do notice when I start prime95 there's a slight voltage drop in cpuz. Anyways congratulations with overclocking to 3.2ghz. That was the easy part though. Getting from 3.4 to 3.6 was a pita. To get to 3.4 you will most likely have to up your cpu voltage to 1.35 and bump your ram voltage up 1 notch. Then after that you will have to start tweeking your fsb & mch/ich voltage. Remember, more voltage means more heat. Heat is one of the top killers. You should start monitoring that at this point. My core temps started creeping up over 60c under load on air @ 3.6 so I went to water cooling and now I'm at around 40c under load. Good luck.

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                Sorry it has been so long....


                I had a play a couple of days ago and got it up to 3.4GHz but it kept crashing at boot. I bumped the CPUv up to 1.35v, Clock Frequency to 425, FSBv to 1.3v and MCH/ICHv to 1.33v to no avail... so i'm back to 3.2GHz and it's happy again with no stability issues what so ever


                Thanks so much for the help. I wouldn't have gotten it up to 3.2 if it was for you long gone the days of sitting at 2.66GHz or 3GHz and those nasty reboots (thanks to the failsafe watchdog)!!!!


                And an awesome saying from my favourite forum, Overclockers Australia.


                "Be warned mate, Overclocking is not a hobby, it is a way of life and once you start, stock is never good enough!"



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                  John have you ever tried using 8 GB DDR3-1600 , with your DX38BT ,  I have a DX38BT , and I am using 8 GB DDR3-1333, turned up to 1400Mhz stable , but have never tried using 8 GB DDR3-1600 , CPU is QX9650 ,Running at 3.6 , dual HD4770 s  crossfired.

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                    Hi, i know it is an old board but i need help to overclock my Q6660 at 3ghz (i'm noob).


                    I bought 8 gb 1333 mhz ram to replace my 4 gb 1066 but at 2.6 ghz ram works at 1066 (1:2)! Argh. I oveclocked my board (default setting) at 2.7 and it runs without problems, but at 2.75 or 2.8 crashes.


                    I read everywhere 3 giga overclock of this board is easy... exactly, what settings to I have to change inside bios?




                    I don't want to break anything, just reach 3 giga to run ram at 1333.


                    Thanks (i'm noob).