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    Intel DP67BG- Graphics Card not working in 1st Slot - Getting Error Code 5A


      Hello all


      I recently overhauled my computer.


      Memory- Corsair Vengeance 16G

      Motherboard- Intel DP67BG

      GPU- EVGA GTX 570

      CPU- Intel i7 2700k

      OS- Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit


      The problem is, my graphics card only works in the second slot. All is fine and dandy until I put it in the 1st slot. I get no video, and the error code 5A flashes on the mobo. I get a 3 beeps, signifying GPU problems, and the computer shuts off. The computer then turns on again, and repeats the cycle. Over and over.


      The thing is, when I first put it together, it worked in the 1st GPU slot. However, thanks to incorrect Cooler Master instructions, I put my cpu cooler in backwards, so I had to take my computer apart and reassemble. After I had done so, the mobo no longer accepted the GPU in the 1st slot, only the second.


      Any and all advice or encouragement would be great. Thanks.