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    Help with Fan Replacement for a i5 760 2.80GHZ


      Hi, I want to replace my processor fan/heat sink and I was wondering if this forums experts could answer a couple of questions, as I haven’t attempted this before. My processors fan (Intel(R) Core™ i5 CPU 760 @2.80GHz) has had a habit of making loud oscillating vibrating dodgy sounds on start up, but sometimes it can go on a much longer and it seems to be getting much more frequent and starting up during use. The PC is only a year old and the problem started within 7 months of purchase, the PC company went bust so I’m going to have a go at replacing it myself. I’ve looked at the motherboard manual and the job looks fairly simple, but I need to make sure I have the correct replacement part. The existing Intel fan has E41759-002 on it and is rated at 0.17A, I found another new Intel fan/heat sink with that number on eBay, but on receipt it is a little bit different. My old fan was labelled foxcom and this one is labelled Nidec, has “socket H” on the fans plastic frame, and is rated 0.20A instead of 0.17A, will it work fine with my processor? Also the heat sink has three strips of thermal grease already applied, although new, I don’t know how long this item has been sitting around in its open plastic box, can the grease lose its qualities over a period of time, should I remove and reapply fresh grease? Any other pointers you think may help probably will . I’ve included links to a few pictures, the first is of my existing fan and the other 2 are of the new fan/heat sink. Thanks