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    Intel HD Graphics and Battlefield 3


      Hello, I have recently bought 2 EA products : Battlefield 3 and Need For Speed The Run. The problem is that I get a "Failed to create D3D device" error saying that it is not supported. But on youtube I have seen people having Intel HD graphics running BF3 on low graphics. I know that it is not recomended to use an integreted chipset to run games but these people were playing it with a fair fps (around 10-15) and I want to do the same. I ended up with the 2 games not running for the same error. When I bought my laptop 3 weeks ago, I was hoping getting good gaming performance but ive was disapointed. The only game which runs well with no probs is Need For Speed Most wanted, which is a 2005 game. I do not understand, because the card is called Intel HD Graphics and Ive seen in the control panel that it supports 3D. How a card which supports 3D cant run most of new games which got out. For each and every game I get a d3dcompiler.dll is missing error or something else and I have to download those dll seperately for the game to work well. I starting to think that I shouldnt have bought this laptop. there was one which was slightly more expensive than this one which got a mobility radeon 5470 on it, but I prefered the intel as I never got disapointed by an intel processor.


      I spent this whole day trying to go for a solution and its not the first time that i spend a day to look how to fix a game.


      I hope that it will be fixed soon Intel, because I can't anymore. If its not , my next laptop will be an AMD based one and Ill only buy intel products for desktop purposes.

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          Join the club of Intel HD users that can't play games... or new games... or even get support for new games...(its sad when a ps3 can do things your new computer can't)


          The reason you cannot play is Intel HD is not supported... take the game back before you lose the chance to get your money back. In theory you should be able to play BF3 if there was support... but EA games refuses to comment on it and Intel has not offically commented on it except to say that Intel HD cant run it, and don't go by their advertisments (lie)


          What I really don't understand is why BF3 ran in beta (and worked) but was not included in the final game... yet I can not find any answers... no one will comment...


          Those utube videos your seeing is from the beta edition... no one is trying to get Intel HD into the new games ( its like buying a new computer then a few games only to bang you head against the wall.... repeating the words i messed up, i messed up...)


          Intel makes great Cpu's but their graphics have alot to be desired... I did the same as you when I bought this laptop... figuring an i5 2.6ghz and 6gb ram and I could play any video game out there, however it has Intel HD which limits everything... no new games are supported... the games that are suported are outdated... My next laptop will be the new nvidia laptops coming out soon, their cpu's will blow intel out of the water, and the graphics already do...


          Until Intel pushes EA to support their hardware... were all stuck....


          (for a laugh go to ebay and look at all the laptops with Intel HD in them the resale value is just not there... feels like you have just been taken)


          If you really want to set your self up for disappointment, install the game and update as the new patches come out and sit back and watch that no one has supported this game for 2 months... and keep getting the same error over and over...


          I did install skyrim, and because the way the Intel HD runs(the way it was build and the drivers and firmware) it causes my computer to crash(and actual reboot it shuts the computer down)... and my motherboard needs new firmware... but thats another story... it just tells you something... stay away from Intel in the future... Don't forget to tell your friends and family also...

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            I totally agree. I hope that Intel is going to fix this soon. Im scared of buying games now :/ what is the point of restricting a specific video card? business? competition? it is really stupid. A good company must offer its customers quality products (reffering to ea not to intel) . It is probably not Intel's fault but this problem should be fixed cause I dont know what to do with my laptop now.. most games not working...


            The graphic's chipset really doesnt deserve its name .. ;(


            Laptop specifications:


            Intel Core i3 2.53 GHz

            4GB DDR3 ram (just bought 1 more gig .. but idk how to install it)

            Intel HD Graphics

            500GB Sata Hard drive

            15.6" LED Display

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              I don't expect Intel to fix anything... ( your computer is a door stop when it comes to new games ) Drivers are one thing, and even then they are shotty, support for new games are non-existant... But good news you can replay the old games you played in 2005 on your computer...(maybe)


              They are making money off the computers that have Intel HD, these computer have serious flaws... But if they don't look for or at the problem they will not fix them.


              There should be a recall but there will not be if you think from a buisness stand point if Intel were to issue a recall or say that their Intel HD graphics was seriously flawed, and around the holidays... they would lose millions in new sales. It looks like another company that only cares about the all mighty buck. They don't care about the product they are putting out... (or the customer) They just care about the customer buying their product, they dont care if their computer can run video games... they have your money... thats all they care about.


              Now if the name was different and not Intel HD, something like Intel LD low def, would you buy it... NO, you would not... They did it for sales and they got your money... and that all they care about... (don't expect support)


              The extra ram you bought for your computer, return it, ram will not run the games its the graphics card that has the flaws, and so does the motherboard, and the cpu also, I noticed that when I played skyrim...


              If you want to play games your best bet now is to get a ps3, as that system is better than your new computer (which is sad no matter how much you think about it)