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    Advanced-N 6230 Not Connecting to Wireless N Router at 5.2Ghz


      I have a Dell XPS-17 laptop with the 6230 adapter connecting to a Linksys E4200 dual band router.  I can connect at 2.4Ghz with no issues, but have been unsuccessful at connecting to the 5.2Ghz Wireless-N Only setup.  It will connect to Mixed Mode at 5.2Ghz, but the max throughput I get is 54Mbps.  I have the Advanced settings in Device Manager for the adapter set to Intel recommendations.  I also have set the router to the proper recommendations.  However, when I set the 5.2Ghz setting to Wireless-N Only, I cannot connect at 5.2Ghz.  I have tried every possible setting combination I can think of, but I am either unable to connect or the max throughput is 54Mbps.


      Here is a pic of my current router setting, but there is no connection at 5.2Ghz... http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/4338/16dc671ccc3a4415b53ce12.png


      Wireless Security is WPA2 Personal / AES.


      I believe I have exhausted every possible setting variation based on several hours of searching for a solution to no avail.


      Alas, I land here, in hopes that maybe someone can help.  Surely I have missed something, a setting, or simply have not hit the magic combination of settings.  Otherwise, I assume I have a faulty adapter and will need Dell to replace it.


      I graciously appreciate any assistance to a resolution.