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    DX58OG and 24Gb RAM


      I have a DX58OG with the latest BIOS installed running an Intel i7 960 3.2GHz processor.  I have 6 x Kinston KXH1600C9D3 RAM modules.


      The board will run perfectly with any 3 of the RAM modules installed, but with al 6 it locks solid (ie not even the CAPs lock light goes on/off) after anywhere from 1 minute to 1 week of operation.  I have moved the RAM around to test all sticks / slots.  I have run the RAM at both default and custom settings as per manufacturer specifications.


      The PSU is fine and at 550W I have plenty of power to spare.  I have run a range of diagnostics over the system and all reports OK.


      I have read a cuple of similar reports when using 6 slots on this board.  Is there a known problem?  Should I be seeking a return and different mobo?  I have run many Intel mobos and this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this.

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          To answer your question, there are no known issues regarding this motherboard and memory modules. Power supply seems to be ok so in order to provide accurate troubleshooting assistance please let us know the exact part number for the memory you are using.

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            What ver of windows 7 do you hve , if it Home prem. it will only see 16GB , if you want more you have to get Pro  192 GB .

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              Thanks for the replies.


              I am have run ESXi 4 and am now running ESXi 5.  I have run Win 7 Ultimate for a test period and experience the same locking up issues.


              After an amusing, but embarasing on-line chat for Intel support, I was told that the RAM I chose from the supported list was not valid because no one had made a processor that supported the combination.  Interesting given that it was on the recommended list, ie how did Intel test it.  A question that Intel support was not prepared to answer.  Anyway after leaving that chat confused, disappointed and a few hundred dollars poorer I went and bought 24Gb of cheap G Skill memory.  I have now had the board working with only one similar locking event from 2 weeks since my original post.  The original memory has been tested and works with two other boards that run DDR 3 memory with the same X58 chipset.  Hence I'm stuck with it!


              My lesson learnt for $300 and a lot of frustration, don't believe the list of supported RAM on the Intel site.  One its clearly wrong, and two Intel themselves say it doesn't work when pushed!  I would have been better off with no supported RAM list as I wouldn't have gone and bought expensive RAM in the first place!