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    Core i5 2300, H67 chipset. Is it possible to use onboard graphics + PCIE graphics card at the same time?


      I love my Core i5 2300 CPU; it is an amazing piece of kit. Currently I use it to drive 2 displays. However, I have the need for 2 more displays, and need a graphics card that can handle open GL quite a bit faster. The cards I prefer have some optimizations for them where I can use some of their graphics power to aid in my modeling work, but they generally only support driving two displays off of them at a time. If my motherboard had a second PCI-E 16X slot I would simply purchase two cards, and be done with it. However, my motherboard only has one PCIE-16X slot, so that isn't an option. 



      What I want to do is this: Let the CPU's HD2000 run a pair of monitors for 2D use, and have the graphics card drive the other two where 3D is much more of a concern.  Can I use both the on chip HD2000 graphics, and a discrete card at the same time or is this a case of one or the other?   


      Is it possible to setup a four monitor rig in this way?  Knowing this will affect my purchasing decisions.