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    Intel DP55KG USB Legacy USB Hands-off Stutter (BIOS to Operating System)




      I'd like to share one specific issue that I've noticed recently. This issue is specific to Legacy USB hands-off (BIOS to Operating System).


      This issue can be reproduced with the following configuration:


      - BIOS Version: 5936

      - Legacy USB --> ENABLED in BIOS

      - Windows 7 (32/64-bit) installed on any SSD (SATA 2 OR 3)


      Issue description:


      During a cold boot or reboot, a slight stutter (consistent on every boot) exists when Legacy USB hands-off (BIOS to Operating System) takes place. With GUI boot enabled in Windows 7, an obvious stutter (about a quarter of animation loop skip) will occur during the stated hands-off.


      To validate the issue, disabling Legacy USB support in BIOS or enabling USB boot optimization will effectively remove the stutter.


      If Intel plans to address this issue in the next BIOS update, it'd be great it's compiled along with fixes and optimizations covering other known issues such as the SATA channel assignment issue -- http://communities.intel.com/message/140952#140952


      Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks!