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    RS2BL040 RAID Controller doesn't show the message "Press <Ctrl><G> to enter the RAID BIOS Console"


      Hi Intel people.


      I've a problem with a RS2BL040 RAID Controller. Since I bought it, it never worked.
      I've tried to instal it on a Computer X but the message "Press <Ctrl><G> to enter the RAID BIOS Console" doesn't




      On the screen nothing appears and the controller utters 4 small beep. The beep is like ticking. I can see a green


      led blinking.
      The computer X has these features:
      Mother board: Asus M2V-TVM
      CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+
      RAM: 2GB


      I tried to install the controller on the computer Y but the problem it's the same.
      From BIOS of Computer Y, on "PCI/PCIe Add-In Slots" section the controller doesn't appear. The slot where I put the


      controller shows the message "Not Populated".
      The computer Y has these features:
      Mother board:Intel  DQ57TM
      CPU: Intel Core i5 660
      RAM: 6GB


      The post [http://communities.intel.com/thread/26534] describes a problem that seems like mine so I tried to update


      the controller firmware. The update procedure returns 0x0 so I think that the firmware now is updated. However the


      problem doesn't fix.


      I think that the controller is broken. Do you agree with me?


      Can anybody tell me if I made any mistake?


      Thanks for your attention.


      Andrea Filoso