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    Toshiba Satellite L30-101 - Processor Upgrade


      Hello Intel people I need some advice seeing as Toshiba wont help me.


      I have the above Laptop - Toshiba Satellite L30-101


      Satellite L30-101 specs




      Its currently got 1GB ram within it, I've got another on its way.


      I want to upgrade the processor but I'm finding it incredibly difficult. Its got an Intel Celeron M Processor 410 with a clock speed of 1.46GHz which isn't fast enough for Vista (laptop cert) and basic multi tasking.


      Mobo and CPU info from CPU-Z below,





      Could you please help me pick a processor that will work. I can improve cooling if needed, its getting the correct processor I'm having trouble with. At the moment the max processor replacement I see possible is an Intel T2060. Is is possible to place a more powerful processor in?


      all help is much appreicated.