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    DQ57TM Slow Boot TImes


      We have several systems with a DQ57TM motherboard and an I3 540 processor.  Some of the systems are now starting to have extremely slow boot times.  I checked one yesterday for virus/malware and it came up clean.  Updated the bios to version 47 from 29.


      Each system as 2 GB of Kingston RAM, 160 GB SATA Hard Drive, SATA DVD Drive, 500 Watt Power Supply, PCIe x16 Geoforce 220 video card, USB keyboard/mouse and an APC Standby battery using Powercute 3.0 with a USB connection cable.


      The hard drive was checked with SpinRite and came up with no errors.  Also ran a Chkdsk and no errors.


      Any ideas would be welcome.

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          - You could check if the disk controller is accessing the disk in PIO mode instead of DMA.

          - Execute the free WD bad sector disk scanner Data Lifeguard (disks need to be WD, other vendors have alternative solutions)

          - Run windows chkdsk full scan.

          - Install latest Intel chipset drivers.

          - Install soluto and use that tool to analyze the problem for you

          - Disconnect the network cable (if these systems are connected) and see if this speeds up the boot. If it does then somethings tries to access a network resource during the boot but gets a timeout.