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    G35 graphic card not supports WebGL (old driver)


      Dear all,
          I have problems viewing HTML5 pages with WebGL support, if I try to open a WebGL content it appeas this message:
          Your graphics card does not seem to support WebGL.
          Find out how to get it here
          I have read all documentation, it seems a problem of the graphic driver, but if I try to update it using the online update service it says that driver is updated:
          Prodotto rilevato     Intel® G35
          Driver attualmente installato
          Il driver è aggiornato. (driver is updated)
          Sorry but, by default, my language is italian, in any case the automatic system says that my driver is up to date.
          In the WebGL page supports they say to use driver released after semptember 2010, my driver is dated 01/13/2010
          There exists an updated driver with WebGL supports for my graphic card? (G35)
          If not, is it possible to update it in future?
          Prease, if possible, update it soon.

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          Currently only the drivers provided for newer platforms like the Intel® HD Graphics 2000 and 3000 are optimized to support WebGL.


          So at this point, the latest drivers that have been provided for the Intel(R) 3 series chipset controllers, like the Intel(R) G35, are not validated to properly handle WebGL and there is no estimated time to know when a new driver will be released to implement support on this over older platforms like the Intel(R) 3 and 4 series controllers.


          I suggets you to check directly with your Original Equipment Manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer for an upcoming driver for the hardware they installed on your computer.

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            Crap! My motherboard is Intell too :-(

            Ok, thank you very much for your kind and exaustive reply.