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    VT Extension


      I have a Dell XPS M1710 laptop with Intel T2500 Core Duo 2.00 Ghz processor. This CPU does support VT Extensions, according to spec, but there is not an option in the A06 BIOS  to enable. Can VT Extensions be enabled ? Any guidance very much appreciated.

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          The Intel® Virtualization Technology is enabled by default, so if the processor supports the technology it should work, unless the laptop manufacturer has disabled at a BIOS level.

          So in this particular case, I would suggest first:

          Running the Intel® Processor Identification Utility, to make sure that the processor and the feature is being properly seen by the system.

          You can download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility at:



          and then, if the Intel® Processor Identification Utility reports the Intel® Virtualization Technology as enabled, then contact the laptop manufacturer to make sure it is enabled in the BIOS of the laptop system.