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    Intel C202 chipset and SSD




      Dell R210II

      xeon e3 1240

      4x2GB ECC RAM

      Corsair Force Series 3 120gb SSD.

      Windows Server 2008 Standard r2

      Installed newest AHCI drivers



      I have connected the SSD to the onboard port and in BIOS i set it to AHCI mode, installed windows, then ran MS Updates, as it was installing it went BSOD, when it booted into windows I was unable to run updates again, I recieved 2 error codes, 1 for corrupted files.

      So I reinstalled Windows again, ran updates, same thing. So I updated the firmware to the latest version on the SSD, reinstalled windows, ran updates, and success, installed fine, however it was extremely slow, slower then the HDD i had in there before. So i downloaded ATTO to test the SSD, It ran the first run of 0.5 then completely froze, so I downloaded Intel Rapid Storage App to see if it reports anything, when i go to run it, it says This program has stopped working, so I cannot access it. I tried a few more times to run ATTO, and managed to get 1 run out of it.


      as you can see 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 are slow.

      So I take it out and plug the SSD into my Desktop Computer, and run ATTO on there, and this is what I get:


      So I know the SSD works perfectly fine.

      I plug it back into the r210II, and then set the mode from AHCI to ATA and this is what I get:



      It performs better on 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, but on everything else its slower.


      Any Ideas on what I can try?