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    Sony Vaio Intel B2 bug detection




      I have a vaio computer on HM65M chipset.

      vaio b2 3.jpg


      When I compare my resutat with your table I believe to have a B2 revision on my laptop :vaio b2 6.jpg


      The HDD is connected port 0 but Bluray/DVD are connected on a port 4 :

      vaio port 4 utilisé et touché par l'anomalie de conception.jpg


      Can you to confirm my computer are effectively affected by a anomaly of conception "Intel B2 bug" and requires a technical intervention?





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          In this particular case, we suggets you to check directly with your computer manufacturer. It is your computer manufacturer the only one that knows what is installed on your system or not.


          Keep in mind that for the operating system and other software installed, the architecture of the platform used, in other words, the hardware, remains the same. There has been only a minor change in the stepping of the chipset to reflect the adjustment that has been done to correct this issue, and for this reason, the software may not detect the chipset as the same one that had the SATA issue.

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            Hi Diego,


            Tank's you for your reponse.


            I have tested my vaio with a another software, CPUZ 1.58 :

            Result : B2vaio b2 2.jpg


            On ASTRA 32 :

            vaio b2 5.jpg

            Result : 04h


            On Ms-Dos command :


            vaio b2 7.jpg

            Result : Rev_04



            With this news elements,  is it possible to assert that there is a problem "intel B2 bug" ?


            It is unfortunate that Intel does not provide a software identification chipset compatible with Windows Seven x64, it would be so much easier.


            I understand that the bug is HM65 B2 and B3 (new issue) that are not bug, is that correct ?


            It seems that my vaio is an HM65, REV_04, 1C49, 04h, B2. Is this fair ?


            I believe the command MS-Dos gives a exact chipset reference, can you control with that ?


            Sony does not give the online procedure for identification, in contrast to HP for example.


            While waiting to read from you, I wish you a nice day.



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              Hello Intel team,


              I am still awaiting a clear answer to my questions.


              Would you be kind enough to answer me?


              I found this post:




              Which states:


              "If the hardware ID ends in 04 , the system is using a B2 chipset  (affected). If hardware ID ends in 05 , the system is using a B3 chip".


              My English is not perfect sorry ...


              Happy New Year 2012 to you.

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                I have exactly the same issue. I own a Sony Vaio VPC SB2L1E which uses a HM65 chipset revision B2. I purchased the notebook for christmas so it's relatively new but still uses the buggy chipset.

                The hdd Samsung HM500JI operates with SATA 1.5 on port 0.

                The DVD-RAM drive uses the Port 4.

                I wished that Sony used Port 1 instead of port 4 for the DVD drive.

                I'll contact Sony Euroasia Support for a replacement.

                If I knew about that issue earlier I wouldn't have bought any notebook that uses a Sandy Bridge Rev B2...

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                  Our recommendation is to contact your motherboard manufacturer or Original Equipment Manufacturer directly in order to know if your system is affected or not.


                  Software applications may be used as a reference, however they may fail in occasions to properly identify the stepping of the chipset. So therefore the only one that would know is the system manufacturer who can determine this based on the serial number of the product.