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    DH67BL blue screen after rapid storage software installation


      Hi there,

      Right now that's my setup:


      8gb 1333mhz (2x 4gb)

      wd 500gb aaks

      hec 550w psu


      When I fresh install windows and there are no drivers it's working ok, after installing rapid storage driver and rebooting I get a blue screen on startup and the windows isn't booting at all.


      I tried to replace:

      cpu to i3-2100

      ram to 1 stick of 4gb from a different brand

      a different wd 500gb aaks (same model, different unit)

      generic 400w psu


      I tried to install the driver from the CD and the latest version from the website.

      I replaced all Sata cables and updated the bios to the latest version.


      After nothing worked, I sent the motherboard back to intel and they sent me the same version but a different unit I think (came with an older Bios version) and still the same problem.



      I have no idea what to do,

      The only thing that stays the same is the driver, but I tried few versions and I'm pretty sure Intel are smart enough to know if the whole series aren't working with the driver that automatically installed from the CD.


      Right now I'm running without this particular driver but I can't feel safe and trust the PC without knowing it's have some problem/unstability.



      Edit: I forgot to mention, I tried both black and blue ports (3 and 6gb) and the sata mode is as default, ahci.




      Many thanks!