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    POST Code 75 on Intel Board DP67BG?


      Hey Guys!


      I don't know what this Post-code 75 on DP67BG means. I have no IDE-Devices on this Board. Is it a big issue?

      I looked on internet and on intel.com, but i don't find anything that i helped me.


      What can i do to fix this?







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          My DH67BL manual says 75h is in the output error group. This would be your display but check in the back of the Technical Product Specifications for your board.  It could be different. Check all your connections for the display and re-seat the graphics card. Did you go through the configuration mode for the board?

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            hey CarWiz and thank you for your answer!


            I give you and all other peoples the informations you need.

            On the Pcie-2.0 x16 connector on my board is installed the nvidia geforce gtx470 graphic-card with the newest nvidia drivers from last month (driver date).

            The display is the device dell u2410(digital) monitor with the installed dell-driver from CD. The monitor is connected to the gtx470-card with an DVI-D cable that is an new cable and becomes power from the power cable.

            I have checked many times on the Technical Product Specification and also often the Product-Guide from this mainboard, but can't find anything that helped me to get more information about this issue.

            I checked the bios-configuration if anything settings are wrong, but it looks like ok.

            At the Bios-jumper-block is the jumper set on normaly settings on 1-2 pin.


            You mean to re-install the graphic-card?






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              Ok, somehow I came to the conclusion this was a new build. That's why I asked if you "configured" the BIOS. Sorry for the misdirection.


              Remove the graphics card, blow-out the connector on the motherboard and look closely for any dirt or dust on the contacts. A small paintbrush can be used to dust the contacts but make sure no fibers or hairs come off the paintbrush. Wipe the contacts of the graphics board with a lintless cloth dampened with alcohol. When dry, re-insert the graphics card being careful to align correctly.

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                hey CarWiz and thanks for your answer!


                Its ok and was no misdirection, because you can't know about my hardware i have. It is my mistake.


                Thanks for your hint.


                I hope its helped and i hope also that my graphic-card and monitor are compatible to this mainboard-type.

                I'm sure that the graphic-card is correctly pressed in the pcie-x16-connector.


                I also seen in an hardware-information program that it was an integrated graphics controller on the north-bridge at the board, but there is no Onboard-graphic at this board. I only see this feature at the north-bridge information. Controller-type: Intel HD graphic and status: deactivated.


                I don't know if i must config the Bios new and activate this feature there.


                thanks for your spending time






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                  hey carwiz,



                  I have done your hint that you has given me, blow out connector, cleaning the contacts, let drying the contacts and re-install the card.

                  But it is the same and shows now the same code 75 on the LED.


                  Today the LED has shown a new code on the LED-display : code 5A

                  I have ascertains that it was to "resetting Pata/Sata bus and all devices"

                  Then i locked up all SATA HDD's , the tv-sat-card and the graphic-card from mainboard. After i take the battery out from the battery-holder on the mobo and let take out for an hour. Then i have replaced the battery and sets the jumper on 2-3 for configuration, started the Bios. In the Bios i bushed F9 and cleared CMOS. After them i started Bios again and looks for taken changes. Shut down and now i locked the SATA-Devices.

                  Now i see that the code 5A-prob is fixed.

                  The tv-sat-card i would re-install later.


                  Only the 75-code won't go away.




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                    Well, you're just full of good cheer today.


                    About all I got left is make sure all the power connections are good (disconnect/re-connect).  Without tools and hands-on testing, you may need to swap the video card and/or PSU with KNOWN good units. Perhaps a local PC service center can do this for you to verify that the motherboard is good. Other than that, I'm out of ideas to try from afar.

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                      Hi CarWiz.



                      Thanks for your help and hints !


                      I would see it in the future, if i can fixed the 75-code on this board. In moment the code is present, but it looks like, that on win 7 pro is no problem about this issue and all works fine.


                      We see us in the next year.


                      I wish you and all other guys : Merry Christmas!

                      and a happy new year 2012 !