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    Clarification of which HD Graphics I have on my laptop + solution to me graphic needs.




      After work-provided laptop has Intel HD Graphics in a Core i5-480M. It works fine for the basic needs. It wasn't unitl much later that I discovered it fails to give optimum provision for my needs. I will get it the details of that later in my post; but for now I know I need to change something (graphics card/processor or computer).

      So to identify the specific limitations of what I have vs. what I can get, (ie. 2nd Gen) I wanted to find out which accelerator I actually have. So far, I figured I DO NOT have the 2nd generation HD Graphics; but please correct me if I'm wrong. Here are a few specs:

      Laptop:   Acer Aspire 5742

      System: Windows 7 Home (SP1)

      Memory: 6GB

      Chip:      HD Graphics  (Core i5-480)

      DirectX:  10.1



      Even though I didn't find i5-480M in this list I figured it's probably not a 2nd gen since its name was more similar to the lower generations'.

      Plus the sticker on my system is this one http://www.intel.com/support/processors/mobile/corei5/sb/img/ci5_62x47.gifas opposed to http://www.intel.com/support/processors/mobile/corei5/sb/img/i5.gif


      So here are my needs:


      Higher/Better Resolution: The 1366x768 on my laptop looks great but I want something that can match the sweet capabilities of my Dell monitor - U3011 (ie. VGA - 2048x1280;  DVI - 2560x1600;  HDMI - 1920x1200). Currently, I only have HDMI and VGA outputs on my laptop. I use the HDMI since the VGA (though supposedly higher resolution) looks horrible and an HDMI/VGA to DVI adapter looks even worse since it seems to downgrade the resolution to 1600x1200.


      Better 3D Processing: Specifically, Im more interested in a processor that supports "anti-aliasing" as it seems what I have now doesn't. Gaming looks fine; but it renders application-created 3D models with rough edges.


      So here's the questions:

      1. Is it even possible to swap an "integrated graphics" with the new "processor graphics"?
      2. If so, would anything on this i5 list meet my needs within the specifications of my laptop. What about the i7?
      3. I assume an upgrade will fix the anti-aliasing need and improve the VGA; but will it fix the  resolution for DVI (using an adapter...since I'm not sure I can fix a DVI port unto an already-built laptop)


      Out of the realm of Intel, if Intel fails to provide a solution; I guess I'd have to switch to a graphics card... which probably means a new computer.. or doesn't it? Is there such thing as an external graphics card?  (I'm yet to look that up so I thought I'd add to my post while at it).


      What do you guys recommend?