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    Intel Destop Utilities and my Mobo?




      Will Desktop Utilities work and not cause problems with my Mobo DP965LT  ?  I am now running W7 64bit


      thanks Gary

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          The DP965LT board is long past its end-of-life date and thus there is no official support included in current releases of Intel(R) Desktop Utilities (IDU). That said, IDU still retains support for later boards that also utilize Intel(R) Quiet System Technology (this is the health monitoring and fan speed control subsystem that was utilized on 965 and 3, 4 and 5 Series boards), so there is a possibility of it working successfully (though we cannot guarantee it)...


          You may stick with the legacy version of IDU that is linked to the DP965LT board's Software Downloads page or you may try the latest version. I would try the latest, so you have the benefit of later bug fixes, etc., and only go back to the earlier version only if the latest doesn't work. You will have to use the links for a newer board (pick one of the 6 Series boards; DP67BG, for example) to gain access to and download the latest version of IDU. When you then attempt to install it, IDU's installer will report that the board is not supported. At that point, you may choose to continue with the install and try it out. If it works, you should see temperature, voltage and fan speed sensors exposed in the Hardware Monitor scene. If it does not work, I would recommend that you manually uninstall it and then try the legacy version...


          Again, we cannot guarantee that IDU will work with end-of-lifed boards, but you are welcome to try...