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    OpenGL issue with Intel GMA 600


      I apologize for digging up this old thread but it is an important thread for those of us who are affected.


      Theere is an issue with OpenGL using the latest Intel GMA 600 driver that leds to Photoshop CS5 crashes.

      Anyone with GMA 600 chip device can test it out by install Photoshop CS5,  enable OpenGL (which it does by default) and watch it crash  consistently.  After Photoshop CS5 crashed, you can restart photoshop  and the software will tell you in no-minced words that it was the video  drivers that brought it down and by disabling OpenGL, everything works fine.


      Now here is the rub. The devices that use GMA600 are often under-powered and needs OpenGL graphic acceleration more than the more powerful chips.  At the same time, many devices using GMA600 and Intel Z670 cpu are tablet PCs with active digitizer which is meant to use with Photoshop that benefit tremendously from OpenGL.   I understand Intel GMA 600 is not exactly the sexist GPU in Intel  lineup but for those of us who are affected, this is a big deal.  And this is no an isolated incidence.

      Awhile back, someone reported similar issue with OpenGL using GMA600 in a game.

      Here is the link:



      coukd someone help resolving this problem.