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    visual studio, delphi, i'm almost crazy with intel hd3000 graphic drivers!


      hello, i'm using new 2011 macbook air with windows7 64bit professional version.


      processor : i5-2557M cpu @ 1.70GHz

      graphics : Intel Corporation, 2011-10-21, version(early version also have same problems!)


      i'm using almost time with visual studio 2008 and delphi7, 2007, etc.

      every my using application causing a problems likes bellow.

      also compiled application using users said same problems said to me.


      when the visual studio starts normal window, it shows normal, but if i click maximize button, it shows likes bellow.

      some window controls didn't resize correctly. this is same to delphi development tools and compiled exe files also.

      my clients complained this problems who newly buyed intel graphics driver using notebook-pc.


      i'm almost crazy now. please help me.


      best regards.

      Kijun, Na


      PS) this problems never happend with ATI, NVIDIA drivers using note book computer.

      i'm using 2010 macbook pro 17 inch model with nvidia graphics, 2011 imac 20.1 inch with ati graphics now.


         * visual studio 2008 resizing problems.



         * Codegear Delphi 2007 screen resizing problems.


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          We apologize for the inconvenience that you are having your your graphics controller.  Regrettably, support for Intel(R) Graphics Controllers on Apple systems is provided directly by Apple.  These applications do not seem to have any particular video requirements, so the problem may have a different root cause. 


          Additionally, we have not had any issues reported with these applications in our systems, nor have we received any reports from users.  We apologize for the inconvenience.