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    Please show me the graphic driver for Intel HD Graphic P3000(Xeon E3-1235)


      Dear INTEL ,



      My English is very poor,so please forgive me for my poor English.


      I am looking for the processor graphics driver for the Xeon E3-1235,also known as Intel® HD Graphics P3000.Thanks!

      I am going to construct a desktop computer next week.This is the main platform that I prepare to choose with Windows 7 Profeesional x64.


      CPU: Xeon E3-1235
      Motherboard: ASROCK   Z68 Extreme4 (It shows that the motherboard can support the Xeon E3-1235 on its official website )
      Processor Graphic: Intel® HD Graphics P3000
      Discrete Graphic Card: No need currently



      So please help me:

          1.Show me the processor graphics driver for the Xeon E3-1235, or the link that I can download the driver.


          2.Tell me whether the processor graphics driver for i7-2600K works and fits the Xeon E3-1235 perfectly.

      Great thanks!



      Wenyuan LIN