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    Reset to non-RAID in Intel Rapid Storage Technology


      Hi everyone, first my apologize if this is the wrong section and please, point me out the right one if it is the case.


      On topic.


      I have a motherboard Gigabyte with Intel Rapid Storage Technology.  I used the RAID software to buildup a RAID 1 to protect sensitive data.  The problem is, I'm currently having a problem with one of the drive in the RAID.  The drive is not completely failed but experience tells me it will be anytime soon.  This said, I do not want to wait for the drive to fail to get a replacement so I would like to break the mirror before the drive fails.


      There is an option, in my BIOS that reads : "3. Reset Disks to non-RAID" and my question is, can I use this option to simply break the mirror and present to my windows 7 two disks with the same data?  Is is safe to use that option?  Is there a chance that I lose my data (which would be unacceptable (doh!))?


      I really need some enlightment here as I start to be a bit desperate.


      Thanks for your time and support.