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    s5520hc with RMS2AF040  cannot configure drives unless on-board raid is enabled


      I have a s5520hc mb with rms2af040 sas raid controller, 6drv3gexp backplane.

      i cannot see/configure the drives in the in the sas controller bios unless the on-board raid controller is enabled.

      BUT , I have the version 3.5.3 deployment tools which cannot see the sas controller when the on-board raid is enabled.

      So, i can configure the drives using ctrl-G but cannot install OS because the on-board raid controller cant see them even though it has to be enabled in order  to get to the drives via ctrl-G.

      when I disable the on-board raid I get nothing and the sas controller cannot see the previously configured/initialized sas drives.

      I am sure there is something I am missing.

      bios is 59

      frusdr is 30

      thanks for your suggestions