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    IMS Switch 10G.XC interlink causes loop


      Hi there,


      i got a MFSYS25V2 with 2 Switches.

      Since upgrade to firmware version 11.5 i have the following problem.


      On both switches i configured a VLAN with e.g. VLAN-ID 55 on only one single external port as untagged, not on the 10G.XC interlink port.

      I also have two Dell PowerConnect switches.


      When i connect these components as show in the graphic below, i get a loop.



      - The 10G.XC interlink is not member of the VLAN-ID 55.

      - all Servers are shut down

      - jumbo frames on all switches are enabled (also tried with disabled)



      Is there a known bug in the new firmware version 11.5?