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    dh67cl boot problem


      Hi, i bought an dh67cl mb, with i3-2130 and 2x4gb ddr3 kingston. I used an old sata2 hdd and I successfully install w7 64bit, all update and some program. Then after two days i receive a new sata3 hdd and i want to transfer the installation to the new hdd. I sucessfully copied the partition, but after the copy the pc doesn't start. I think the partition copy does not matter with the problem. I try to disconnect all sata cable from mb and all power from hdd, but i still have the problem. with only the two ram i see on screen for two second the intel logo (bottom right) with this text over:


      bios settings (F2)

      bios update (F7)

      boot menu (F10)



      and then black screen.

      i cannot go to the bios menu, the keyboard is working i can send ctrl+alt+del to reset.

      i think the cpu is ok, i try with only one ram at time with no change.


      any help?


      thank you


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          ok resolved,

          the problem was the crt monitor.

          for the installation i use an lcd monitor and i can see the bios menu and all.

          after the installation i connect temporary an crt monitor and the system work (because i does not need to access the bios), but after the partition copy

          the primary hdd was the sata3 and was inactive but i cannot see the message: "improper boot device...bla bla " cause the crt monitor and also i cannot see the bios menu.

          as i connect the lcd monitor everythink works ok.


          finally with this mb you can see the bios message and menu only with lcd monitor.