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    Centrino 6250 AGN - Windows 7 - Pre Logon


      I am having lots of problems getting Pre Logon to work, with a new 6250.  Hardware Platform -> Dell Latitude E6420.  OS -> Windows 7 x64 with SP1.


      I have installed Proset 14.2 along with the Admin Tool.  Created a profile with Pre-Logon enabled, WPA2/AES/MS ChapV2 which matches our Wireless.  However when logging into the Laptop WITHOUT a wired connection, the wireless will not authenticate to AD, nor map network drives.  In fact the usual message on the Windows Logon screen (after crtl-alt-del) does not even advise that Windows will attempt to connect, via the wireless network.


      I have a call into Intel, but they advised that Windows 7 does not support Pre-Logon.



      I have 2 Tablets also with Intel Wireless Cards -> this time 5300 models, but with Proset 14.2 as well.  I have created a Pre-Logon profile, they do run Windows 7 (32 bit) and are able to sign in without problems.  They authenticate, get mapped drives, etc.  Also at Windows login advise that they are connecting via Wireless.


      Anyone have any ideas?  I am at the point where we may have to stop ordering Intel Wireless Cards.  (I should note that the other Win 7 units we have use Dell Wireless -> which works fine).