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    Drive fault led??


      Hello to all community...


      I have a homemade server with this parts :


      Cpu i3 560

      M/b intel s3420gplc

      Ram kingston kvr1333d3e9sk2/4gi  2x2gb

      Raid controller  srcsatawb raid 6

      Disk 8x2tb wd2003fyys re4

      Psu corsair hx850

      Os win2008r2 standard



      if a drive fault, how to know which drive fault of these drives??  the controller has 8x2 pins for drive fault led..

      i searched for more technical detailes in intel site and nothing found..


      can any one help??


      thank you..

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          Only if you're using a hot-swap backplane that supports drive fault LED, and you have connected the correct cable to the backplane.

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            Dear Edward.. your answer is very helpful.. now i'm serching for backplane..

            the backplanes of intel.... at this pdf says that


            Expander Backplanes:
            AXX6DRV3GEXP or AXX4DRV3GEXP

            SAS in-band.
            No Fault LED control cable needed.
            Note: Intel® RAID Controllers SRCSATAWB offers expander backplane support.




            Non-Expander Backplanes:
            AXX6DRV3G or AXX4DRV3G

            RAID card connector: J6, white
            Backplane connector: SES, white
            Cable: 3-pin SES
            Note: RAID FW 420 or higher is required.


            which of these is the best solution for me to choose??


            please remember that my controller has 8x2 fault drive pins.




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              Both will work with your controller. If you use a expander backplane, you don't need any cable besides the SAS data cable. If you use a non-expander backplane, you'll need to connect the 3-pin SES cable for the drive fault LED to work properly. I believe the cable comes with the backplane. The 8x2 fault drive pins are not used with Intel backplane.

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                f i connect a hdd activity led to one of these 8x2 pins and before i boot the server i disable one or two drive/s for drive failure, i think the led start blinking?? is that true??.. or if you have something to suggest it will be more helpful for me..



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                  That 8x2 pins connector gives you 8 fault LED signals - one LED per drive. Meaning if you connect the HDD activity LED to two pins for drive 1, and then your drive 2 fails, the LED won't start blinking. LED behavior is documented in TPS section It won't be necessary if you're using an Intel backplane.

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                    and if i connect 8 leds??


                    if any drive from 8 that are connected on the controller faild..  that led shuld be blinking

                    is that correct??

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                      Yes that's correct.