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    D525MW gPXE iSCSI Diskless Win7 installation




      this board comes with factory fitted gPXE rom for iSCSI operation. I've had prior success with diskless XP installations on this specific platform, so I thought Win7 Pro should be even easier. I created a iSCSI target, set up the DHCP properly so my test system would get all the proper info. Target is mounted fine at boot, with standard keep_san option set. Then Win7 Pro begins to install from DVD. Problem is, that even though the iSCSI target is mounted, it's not visible in the installer.

      First I thought that only Win7 Server has boot time / install time iSCSI support, but all the info I've read so far indicates, that Win7 Pro should do fine.

      My second suspect is with Windows -> Network Adapter compatibility. So I've tried to install the driver for builtin Ethernet adapter while in the windows installer. Unfortunately this makes system unresponsive. It looks like the driver delivered with the board (I've tried the driver from chipset manufacturer with the same result) is in a conflict or not well recognized by the installer. I've even tried to install Win7 to a HDD using this system, then bit-transfer the image to iSCSI target. Windows hangs just a second or two after colorful windows logo appears. I've not yet tried to USB debug the problem, but I guess it's still network related.


      Anyone had any success with diskless Win7 install on this board? I'd be grateful for any help, as I have a bunch of workstations in my office using this board and it's time to move to Win7 from XP.