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    Intel DX58SO No video, Fans full speed


      We've got about 5 of these in use by our R&D department. Last week one of the 5 started giving the following problems:


      When pressing the power button the fans and lights will start up, full speed, we get no beeps, no video. Fans keep running at full speed.

      After several more attempts the PC will eventually get through, it will start up, fans full speed, no video, for about 10 to 15 seconds and after that it will start giving video and boot normally. After that it'll keep booting after 10 to 15 seconds. Next day, or after a weekend: same problem.


      Tried troubleshooting by removing-reseating hardware but seeing as the computer boots through after a while it's hard to say whether it's the re-seating of hardware that did it or that it's just random chance.


      Seeing as the problem happens again the next day/after a weekend of being turned off, it's doubtfull that reseating the hardware did the trick.


      Can anyone tell us why this is happening and how we can fix it?