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    Intel SC5600 (or 5650?) Chassis - Front i/o connector


      Hi there


      Resently I retired (ruined) a Intel SE7505VB2 board that was in my home server.

      The case has a front I/O panel with the led's for NIC, HDD etc and all the buttons (NMIK, sleep, power and reset) and the se7505vb2 has the associated Front Panel connector on it


      The board I bought as a cheap replacement for the board i ruined was the MSI MS-9138 Motherboard Memory E7501 Master-LS2 which does NOT have the front panel connector, nor does the cable fit


      I have a wealth of technical skills as I plan to splice the cable and run the correct wires to the correct plug on the new (old) motherboard.  I've searched everywhere, including google cache as old as i could go.


      I need a pinout