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    DP67BG + fan message + no eSATA


      Hi folks,


      I have a recently obtained a DB67BG replacement board, due to the SATA issue.


      Problem One:


      The new board insists on failing to boot by reporting that there are no fans installed.

      This is quite true as the board is water cooled and the case fans are powered direct from molex connectors.

      Question? Is there a way to stop the system reporting that the fans are disconnected or inopperable?

      This did not happen with the previous board I was using (purchased around Feb 2011)

      I updated the BIOS last night to 2111 but there were no more controls in the BIOS for the fans and monitoring section.

      I have also used the intel tuning tool - but there do nto seem to be any controls in there.


      The issue above means I can't remote reboot the system - this is a show-stopper.


      Second problem:


      The rear eSATA port does not detect any drives connected.

      I have a number of SATA 3.5" drives which work prefectly using the exact same cable and drive on other eSATA equiped machines.

      This one however - is totally incapable of detecting a drive - in the BIOS screen or within the Windows Opperating system.

      I have verified that the device is enabled in the BIOS section "SATA devices and drives" (might be called something slightly different) but steadfastly it fails to see a drive. I don't know if this is relevant. I have all six SATA ports on the board in use. If this port replicates a port internally then this would explain the problem. Having said that, I don't think that't the case since it needs another driver to opperate in Windows - (Marvell).


      This issue means I can't back up the system effectively.

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          I fixed the fan message by flashing backwards, 1 update at a time from 2111 to 1815.

          I was getting the double post issue with 2111 - this BIOS 1815 is very fast on BOOT especially with the hyperboot enabled and the screen set to TXT not graphic.


          If you want to follow what I have done for any reason.

          You need a separate computer really and a USB flash drive.

          Download the recovery bio files for each BIOS and place n -1 on the flash drive.

          Remove the motherboard BIOS recovery jumper and reboot.

          Wait... wait some more. The PC will auto-restart if it didn't like something - like going back two BIOS releases by accident.

          Once the flash drive indicator light stops flashing, you should see the BIOS screen shortly thereafter and then a progress update with the BIOS flash progress.

          It will ask for a reboot.

          At this point I did not reboot.

          I simply removed the flash drive - removed n and applied n-1 recovery BIOS file - and then re-insterted the drive and only then rebooted.

          It immidiately went into BIOS recovery mode again - perfect.

          This cut the entire time down to 30 mins or so.

          But it took me a long time with trial and error to figure out what was going on, what works and what does not.



          The Windows autoupdater files definately do not flash backwards as far as I can tell - but I did sometimes try more than one release step backwards.

          The lack of a fan with a BIOS greater than 1815 seems to cause weired problems when the system is setting itself into recovery mode.

          I had to re-attach a fan to the CPU fan socket - and hang it outside the case.


          I have not solved the MARVELL issue - any one else got this eSATA port working?