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    BIOS update doesn't


      Hi all,

      I have a DQ45EK mini-itx board. I am trying to update the BIOS

      from the original 0119 to 0133.I downloaded the exe file which

      is recommended and it does run. It goes through all the motions

      of restarting and claiming to have updated successfully as it restarts

      but it is still the same version. I do not get the black screen with all

      the progress text on it. Am I missing something?



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          Hello Doug.


          I understand that you are having problems updating the motherboard BIOS thu the executable file.


          On some rare occations we find these kind of issues and this is why Intel(R) has different BIOS update methods. I will like you to follow these steps.


          Get in to BIOS and load the defaults with F9 and then press F10 to save and exit.


          Try to update the BIOS, if it fails try updating to a version in the middle , for example you have version 0119, instead of going to 0133 try going to 0129 and then to 0133.


          If the problem continues, it seems like you will need to perform a BIOS recovery, you may find the instructions at the following web site:




          If you have any more problems please let us know.