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    BIOS Update issue


      So I have a DP67DE with a i3 2105 processor, My Computer was working fine before but then I updated my bios to  the latest and  restarted but now it only turns on for ten seconds then restarts.....  without enough time to reach the BIOS.... any ideas or a way to reset  the bios to factory? i removed the CMOS and drained all power but i still get  nothing also booted it out of the case and without any more than the nessisary components.

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          otis_lehawk wrote:


          any ideas or a way to reset  the bios to factory?

          You could try the recovery process to flash the previous BIOS version back onto the board again (read up all about it in the pdf files on the BIOS download page). If your existing BIOS is working OK, it's best not to try and fix a problem that isn't there by updating. I'm using the second to newest BIOS with my (other) Intel board because the latest version incorporates bugs that I don't get with the older version.