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    "Device object not present" during audio driver installation.


      At the very onset I would like to  mention that I have read all the support information on the intel site  and nothing is solving the issue. The specifications are:

      Desktop Board: DG965RY

      Operating System: xp professional sp2

            With the desktop board came the driver CD containing Sigmatel High  Definition audio driver. Several times I have formatted my C drive to  intall fresh OS and have used the sigmatel driver and everything had  worked fine. One day when I was trying to install the driver there came a  message 'Device object not present'

      and audio driver installation failed.

           Please tell me is this a hardware issue, or there is some problem in the OS itself. Please bail me out............

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          That error is not specific enough to be able to tell if you have hardware failure. Do you have any other reason to believe the onboard audio may be blown? If it was working OK immediately before you had the need to install that driver (presumably after an OS reinstall) then its unlikely to be hardware. When did you first encounter the failure of audio (under what circumstances and was any audio being played at the time)?


          Why are you still with SP2 and not 3? Have you tried all of the latest drivers for your OS from the Intel website rather than just those on the CDROM that came with the board?

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            No I am also not convinced that this is a hardware issue. Yes everything was fine earlier. Its just that when I reinstalled my OS the audio driver is not getting installed. Yes I am with sp2 only. One important thing is that when I used intel download site (Desktop Boards + Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family Boards + Intel® Desktop Board DG965RY + Windows XP  Professional*) to zero on the audio driver I was suggested IDT92XX driver. (http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=13706&ProdId=2377&lang=eng). When I tried to install IDT the message was "detected hardware is not compatible"

            Don't you think its funny?

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              The other thing to check is that the audio hardware is enabled in your BIOS settings - otherwise the drivers won't be able to find the right hardware. Sorry if you think I'm stating the obvious but that has caught people out before today! If audio was working fine immediately before your OS reinstall, have you followed the correct installation order for your OS and used ALL the correct drivers off Intels website? I wouldn't worry about the fact Sigmatel is now replaced by IDT as that's the new owner of the company. If you've not tried this driver from the website before, go back to the one you know installed (and worked) properly and see if that makes a difference. It has been known for Intel to make mistakes and offer up incorrect drivers before although it's very rare.


              Is there any particular reason why you are sticking with SP2 rather than updating to SP3 - you could even slipstream SP3 onto a new installation CDROM and then it's built in whenever you reinstall the OS? Perhaps this newer driver requires SP3?

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                Yes enabling of audio hardware in BIOS is there in intel's audio troubleshoot so I have taken care of that. On the course of dealing with this problem I recently updated my BIOS to latest available and made it sure that audio hardware is enabled. what do you mean when you say "correct installation order" I mean am I missing something? The reason why I am not going for sp3 is that I don't think the sigmatel that came with my driver CD (CD that came along with the Motherboard) will not support sp3 as in the HDAQFE folder the contents are srvrtm, win2k3, win2k_xp, win2ksp4, xpsp1, xpsp2. Or do you think it will support sp3? The IDT driver that is being suggested by intel is saying the driver is not compatible with the detected hardware as I already mentioned. So if you can provide me any link from where I can download the audio driver compatible with my motherboard DG965RY I can certainly try sp3

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                  That driver is compatible with your board (according to the website) but don't be fooled by the words in that message - sometimes error messages can be way off the actual cause. It'd be nice to think that if the fact you're not using SP3 was the cause of the problem a nice 'this driver requires SP3 or newer to work' message would be displayed but alas things are not always that simple. If you've not tried the newest driver at that link before with success, update to SP3 and THEN give it a go.


                  What I meant about installing all drivers in the right order was this (note that step 2 would include all service packs and DirectX updates etc). There are some exceptions (such as when using F6 installed AHCI drivers which must be done during the OS installation) but generally that page shows the correct way to go.

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                    Ya I installed xp sp3 but still the IDT driver says detected hardwre is not compatible and the sigmatel driver is saying device object not present. These are the same errors that came when I was using sp2. Problem is that intel has ended all kinds of support for DG965RY. I am really tensed now............

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                      Theres no need to be tense because at the very worse, you may need to buy a sound card (and these can be had very cheaply for something equivalent to what the board came with originally) - we'll cross that bridge only if needed though! First things first, what does Intel Desktop Utilities say about whether the audio is enabled on the board? Your board is compatible with IDU so if it's not already installed, go to the Intel download site and get it.


                      Also, have you installed things like the newest DirectX updates for your OS - again if the drivers are expecting the latest and greatest DirectX version but it's not there, that could account for 'object' missing errors (object doesn't have to be a physical thing). The safest bet would be to let Windows Update do its thing to the max so everything is fully updated.

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                        I installed intel desktop utilities and its saying audio is enabled. Also I installed directx 9c (2010) and I don't think there is a newer version avilable for xp. But nothing is solving the issue.....and thanks for reminding me about sound card

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                          I seem to remember that there's a specific Microsoft patch for Win XP associated with Intel HD Audio. Have a go at the Microsoft Win XP Audio Troubleshooting Tool here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/help/no-sound-in-Windows and see how you go. As IDU shows audio is enabled, I doubt there's a hardware problem there. Have you make a Win XP installation CDROM with SP3 slipstreamed in? Just in case another reinstallation is reqd. it'd be worth not installing any additional software yet... until you've got your sound back.