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    Error: Raid Detected



      I am very happy with my 120ssd 320 series

      But for some reason when I use ssd optimizer

      i get Error: Raid detected. If raid is not present reboot and try again.

      I do not have any raid setup.

      I use this ssd for windows 7  64bit boot disk

      and I have a 3TB Hitachi (GTP) for data.

      My bios SATA settings are ACHI.

      Not sure about this.



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          Do you have install something like fancycache or another program to detect SSD? Stop them and try again.

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            Thanks for the reply.

            Do I really need this ToolBox program?

            I thought Win7 would manage the ssd...

            I removed a program jmicron that was installed with my motherboard drivers(from reg also) . No luck

            The only thing I had installed was win7, MSI motherboard Drivers, ATI Radeon Drivers, and windows update.

            Any other ideas...Thanks

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              I have exactly the same problem and the problem seems to lie in the chipset drivers for your motherboard, I have a gigabyte motherboard and as soon as I install the AHCI software drivers, I get this message is do I uninstall only AHCI driver and it works fine, so the question I might add is: do I need AHCI software or it is enough that it is enabled in the BIOS?


              Excuse the spelling but when I use google translation to make it easier for me.I 

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                Hi mini_ice

                Your english is perfect.

                I had uninstalled AMD/ATI ACHI drivers and let windows 7 64bit install whatever microsoft forced it to install.

                It works now with no issues, so I guess the amd drivers were the problem.