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    BOXDX58SO2 Raid 5 Win7 OS Wont Install


      I have a BOXDX5SO2 mother board, 4 WD10EARS hard drives, Intel W3520 CPU.  I am trying to load windows 7 onto a RAID5 configuration.  I have enabled RAID and UEFI in the BIOS, configured the 4 drives for the RAID storage, and have the Diskette drivers for use in win7 loading.


      However, I keep getting messages that say the storage space cannot be partitioned correctly, and when I restart the computer, 2 of my drives have errors.  I then delete the raid configuration and redo it to clear the errors.


      Any advise on getting this system running correctly?

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          Hello Jjacobs2,


          I see that you are having problems configuring your RAID for the operating system installation.


          Currently I recommend you to make sure that you have the latest BIOS as we did have some reports of issues with previous versions.

          Remember that the Intel(R) SATA controller does not require you to install the RAID drivers when using Windows* 7 as it will have generic ones that will work properly.


          Please note that you can install your operating system on RAID ready that you only need to set the SATA ports to RAID and install the operating system, once the operating system is up and running you can make a migration from RAID ready to RAID 5.


          Please let us know if the problem continues.