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    Intel DH67GD Compataibale


      PLs give Me infos about
      Intel Board DH67GD will Support this SMPS or Not http://www.deltapage.com/products/Cooler-Master-PSU%28SMPS%29-Extreme-Power-Series-350.html  the output capacity of this SMPS is 350 Watts willl this SMPS supoort this Motherboard Without any issue, And sis this Motherboard supports Windows Xp 32 Bit Edition ?

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          1. Whether the PSU has enough capacity depends on the entire system.  You will need to add up the requirements for your CPU, drives, video, and everything else to answer the question.
          2. I can see no reason not to support XP 32 bit,  but as XP ages, you may start to find issues in finding drivers.
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            For a low power system consisting of a supported 45W processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, Onboard Graphics, one SSD, one optical drive, and no extra onboard peripherals enabled, the minimum recommended power supply is a 320 W. If you have more components or higher end components, you will need to add more wattage to the system.


            In regards to Windows XP*, this motherboard has Windows XP* support "As-Is". More specific information on what we mean with "As-Is" and also, to confirm Operating System compatibility with Intel(R) Desktop Boards please refer to: