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    Current System is not an Intel(R) Desktop Board (A044412A)




      I have a Intel Core 2 Quad processor based system Desktop, having Intel Motherboard Model :- DG41WV.


      Recently I upgraded my system BIOS from Intel website.


      Today I was trying to update my Audio Driver from the Intel Driver CD / DVD which came with the Motherboard. But the Intel Express Installer is giving the following error :- "Current System is not an Intel(R) Desktop Board (A044412A)".


      When I run the Board CD Tool (BoardID.exe) but it does not show the Model No. and Version No. of the Board.


      Please find attached herewith the screenshots of the errors.


      Please help to get rid of these errors.


      Intel Express Installer Error-2.jpg

      Intel Express Installer Error.jpg

      Board ID Tool Error.jpg



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