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    SSD ToolBox 3.01


      Really very lucky, I has backup before install latest version ToolBox 3.01 and when done installation. I just press open program, and sudden that program itself

      searching for apps or hard drive, and pop screen come up said delay (all applications program) write to drive and could not write to drive please close and press OK, so I press Ok, then there other application pop come up, ie: just about any application even Windows service, so I press Ok each time pop screen come on, take for ever to press OK so I shut cold down. And reboot system and try click Toolbox and same thing so shut cold down. Last thing option is to use Acronis to erase that Intel SSD 510 Series drive and prepare restore  with previous backup and all things are back to normal. Now I can click old version ToolBox 2.01  and will not install any more Toolbox 3.01. For your inf do not install latest version like 3.01 till fixed.

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          3.01 fine for me had it a long time now, just because you have an issue don't assume it is a bad program, many things can cause problems, suggest you look to other areas on your computer



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            What does tell me thousands or perhaps million pop up screen that I has to click OK, it is annoy once I click open program like ToolBox 3.1 all hell starting lose. It simple could not write at all, just maybe when I open program ToolBox 3.01 it automaticlly lock drive by itself.