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    DX58OG Won't POST after a IET utility Autotune


      Before I share any specs I will start with saying that this system has been rather sketchy since I first built it. All thru the process of putting all the pieces together i've run into several little problems that I managed to fix or they just fixed themselves (and that's the part that worries me). So far I have been able to get Win7-HomePremium installed on it, all motherboard drivers installed, Bios updated, Service Pack 1 all set yadayada.


      MB : DX58OG

      MEMORY : Kingston HyperX T1 Black Series 12GB (3 x 4GB) 1600mHz

      HDD : Western Digital Velociraptor WD6000HLHX (600 GB SATA) 6Gb/s

      BIOS : Whatever the latest one is (updated bios successfully on 12.06.2011)


      Now I am normally ok on my own for doing all this stuff but after running into so many oddities on this build I decided to turn to the support community at Intel for help.


      Specific Problem: After running an Autotune Session for the first time after building this machine, it will no longer boot. When i turn it on it just sits there humming with a blank screen and the port 80h POST code says 00. Can't get to Bios, Cant do squat.

      Details: I set up the autotune to run and after watching it for a couple minutes I went to bed for the night. the next morning i came to the machine, it was completely off. I had forgotten to reset the default powersave options Win7 uses and it had went into sleep mode some time during the night. I fear it did this DURING the Autotune of the Intel Extreme Tuning utility but i cannot verify this.


      So is there any insight on why it can't make it past the POST code of 00? I should mention that I had a VERY similar problem to this when i first built this machine, and I had to power cycle the thing a few times and magically it started working one of those times.


      I've read in other discussions about some problems regarding the 6Gb/s SATA ports. The HDD I have is plugged into one of these ports and has booted from it in the past successfully, though it did not untill I updated the BIOS. Before, however, I could not install Win7 to it when plugged into one of the blue SATA ports as it did not find the HDD in boot or bios.


      During the many restarts it has returned a certain error/advisement message twice - i dont know the exact wording but it's something like this: The system has detected multiple POST attempt failures in the past Would you like to enter the BIOS and check your hardware configuration? and gives me an option of Yes or No. But nothing really changed during these messages, I hadn't switched ports on anything or made any hardware changes at the time.


      Any help on this would be appreciated, thank you.

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          Update:  This problem may very well be fixed with a combination of things - I have since been able to get into the bios using the 'back to bios' button, and reset the bois to default.  Personally I do not think this was the primary cause for no boot as there hadn't been any changes made to it by the IET utility besides enabling power management to the voltages of the hardware (no voltages were actually changed).  After resetting, it came up once correctly into Windows.  I then shut the machine down thinking the problem was fixed, and proceeded to connect the other periferals & hardware I had wanted.  Upon the next power up i was back to square one, 00 post code & no boot.  Ultimately i replaced the SATA cable that I had used to connect the hard drive with another one that came out of my old system, and with that change I have had 4 successful reboots since.  This is unfortunate, as the original SATA cable i was using came with the mother board (the box had 6 in them).  The only think i'm concerned with is the limitations of the older cable; i do not know if this older cable can support a 6Gb/s transfer rate.