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    Game "Mass Effect" and Intel HD 3000 drivers?




      the only driver I've gotten Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 to work with reliably are version (and it runs quite well, too). Any newer driver - up to and including - causes the games to crash once the "esc" key is hit from in-game to access the in-game menu (e.g. for a save).


      There are several postings on the issue on the web, e.g. http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/131/index/7535912/1.


      This is a pity, as the newer drivers cause other games such as Dragon Age to display much better than the older .2361 drivers. But I don't want to keep changing the driver just to play the game.


      I'm running the game on a mid 2011 Macbook Air with an i7 processor. However, the problem is not limited to Macs - above Bioware forum link describes the issue on a Toshiba.


      Does anyone have a similar experience?  Has anyone been able to solve it? Does Intel know of the issue and is, perhaps, working on a solution?


      Kind regards, and thank you for any replies.

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