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    Internet problem with second module server.




      last days we've added new module server to the Intel Modular Server  chassis. Now we have two installed. Installation of ESXi 5 on the new  server went without any problems, but after installation and configuring  network settings, we don't have access to the network. We configured  static IP address, but we're not able to even to ping gateway. From ESXi  everything seems to be configured properly, we don't have any errors in  the logs and configuration is exactly the same as on the first server  (except IP address of course).

      1. Do we have to change anything in Modular Server Control panel ?
      2. Can we use the same UTP cable going from Intel Modular Server's  switch to physical switch for all of the servers in Modular Server chasis ?

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          1)  By default, no.  Everything should be on VLAN 1, which is set up to pass traffic on all ports

          2)  Yes, you can run everything off one UTP cable.


          Are you running a virtual switch on the first compute module?  That would be the first place I would look for issues - in the communication between the ESXi virtual switch, and the modular server switch.